Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Inspired and Exhausted

Las Vegas is everything I was expecting and then some.

The food was cheap, the booze was plentiful and the chance to meet up with some of my fellow Siren authors was simply incredible. Each and every one of the was funny, talented, generous and lovely. I learned a tonne, laughed until my sides hurt, and cried when it was time to say good bye. That's got to be the very definition of a successful get together.

Of course, I also ate too much, slept far too little and consumed a vast array of alcoholic beverages, because, hey..I finally got to Vegas!

I need to do laundry, eat veggies, catch up on my sleep and get back to writing, but for now, I wanted to touch on some of the highlights (and lows) of my trip.


To the two twits who talked non-stop about the Kardashians for the entire flight to Vegas while getting obnoxiously drunk. You're both going in a book very soon. No, you're not going to be the heroines, not even close.

I discovered the wonders of Fat Tuesdays. Jello shooters, cherries marinated in Barcardi 151, and booze in slurpee machines. I want one of these at my mall. Christmas shopping would be SO much more enjoyable!

Employees at the 24 hour Adult "toy store" in Vegas keep a one gallon jug of hand sanitizer behind the counter at all times. Their reason?  "Do you see where we work?" 

Even in Las Vegas, if you get a bunch of erotic authors together talking "shop" after a few can scare the nice, normal people far away from your part of the lounge. And we all know there's no such thing as normal in Vegas.

Having one person in your party with purple hair is very helpful when a group of strangers are getting together for the first time. It makes for easy identification, even in a crowd.

There is no such thing as a vegetable in Las Vegas. I know. I looked. The closest I got was four leaves of spinach buried in the middle of fried chicken eggs Benedict, with biscuits, gravy, mashed potatoes and chipotle hollandaise sauce.