Monday, November 18, 2013

Post Apocalypse overload

I had plans for this weekend. Soup to make. Laundry to fold. stories to write. Instead I found curled up on the couch, catching up on all the shows that have been piling up on my PVR. My muse was on hiatus, my body was tired and my brain was mush, so it seemed a good time.

At least, it did at first.

Several hours in, I started to notice that every show seemed to have the same theme, and it wasn't at all uplifting. Alien invasions, Death and the other horsemen of the Apocalypse, zombies, fallen angels and murderous fairy tale creatures on a rampage. So much for my escape into fantasy. If the current crop of TV shows are to be believed, not even Oz is idyllic any longer.

At first I wondered if it was my personal taste in programming that was the problem. A quick scan of my recordings included Criminal Minds (not exactly kittens and rainbows) NCIS and then a plethora of shows running the sci-fi and paranormal spectrum. And of course, The Walking Dead. The prime example of all things gritty, dark and gory. 

Having watched many hours of programming that were all varying shades of grim, I settled in to watch Walking Dead, only to realize when it was over that it was the least depressing of all. I will repeat. The zombie apocalypse was the most uplifting thing I watched this weekend. And I watched a wide variety of shows as I tried to recharge my batteries. 

Next time I need to do that, I'm going to pillage my Disney movie collection instead.

It took until bed time last night for me to realize just what the problem was, and why I was still feeling tired and blue. The cure to that was to break out one of my favourite books, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and lose myself in a world of silly banter and impossibly funny prose until I finally fell asleep.

Now I'm ready to grab my muse and dive back into my writing, and into life in general. 

Lesson learned. The next time I need to recharge, I'm going to go with a comedy. Or Disney. Or the Avengers. Yeah. Especially that last one. I'm overdue for a Hawkeye fix.