Friday, November 15, 2013

Windswept is now on pre-order - Excerpts are up

I am bouncing in my chair with excitement right now. Windswept, Kismet Cove 2 is now up for pre-order at Siren-Bookstrand.


When Vivian arrives in the small town of Tofino for her best friend’s wedding, her own love life is the last thing on her mind. The winds of fate are changing, and soon she finds herself falling for the sinfully sexy owners of Breakers, the local bar.

Tucker and Byron are selkies, seal shapeshifters from the colony of Kismet Cove. Bound together by blood, the two of them are destined to share a mate. They’ve just about given up hope of finding her when Vivian turns their world and their hearts upside down.

Before long dark secrets, old wounds, and new enemies conspire against the three lovers. They’ll have to fight to stay together, defying family and tradition along the way.  When trust is broken and forces conspire against them, can their love weather the storm?

Story Excerpt

“Miss me?” Tucker’s deep voice sounded from behind her and a bottle of scotch with two fresh appeared in her vision. “I went back for our drinks.”

“My hero.” Vivian took the bottle and glasses from him and then laughed as he walked around and placed another stool in front of her. Instead of sitting in it properly he threw a leg over the seat and sat in it backward, so the back was against his chest and he could fold his arms over the top.“I thought you were coming over to join the party?” She gestured behind him to the bulk of the people gathered.

They’ll come say hi when they want to. I did mention I’m the black sheep, remember? So I thought I’d come keep company with the other unknown element.” He took back one of the glasses from her and then held it out for her to pour. “This time, you can serve me. Anyone asks, just say you work here.”

“You offering me a job?” She poured him a measure and then herself one before setting the bottle down on the nearest flat surface.

“Why, you looking for one?” He cocked that pierced eyebrow at her again and she felt her nipples harden as a wave of lust rolled through her. What was it about him that had her hormones in a tizzy?
“My boss demanded I leave the airport and come back to cover the shop for a week so she could fly to Hawaii at the last minute,” she explained with a shrug. “So I quit. I’ve worked in clubs before, but honestly, I am much better at cutting hair than making drinks or waiting tables."

“So you’re thinking about staying out here?” He seemed surprised at the idea.

“Maybe. I don’t know. Hell, two days ago I was missing my best friend and booking clients for New Year’s Eve styles and sets. Now I’m on the other side of the country and unemployed. I know Jess would be happy if I stayed, but I have no idea if that’s what I want. Not to mention the fact my bike and stuff are still back in Toronto.”

“If you decide to stay, you won’t have any trouble finding work once the tourist season starts. This whole town fills to overflowing. It’s a big change from the world you grew up in though.” He grinned and his dimple flashed. “You’re more likely to get attacked by a bear than a mugger, for one thing.”

“A bear! There are bears around here?” Jess hadn’t mentioned anything about any damned bears. “Tell me you’re kidding.”

Tucker was laughing and shaking his head. “I’m not kidding. Bears, deer, cougars. Even the occasional wolf. You have landed in the wilds of the west coast. You still think you want to stay here?”

“Who’s staying? And why are you telling her about the bears already, Tucker! Jeeze man, how many times do I have to tell not to traumatize the visitors?” Byron appeared beside them, laughing. “Pay no attention to him. He’s just trying to mess with you. The bears are quite happy to stay out of town, and the deer are only a threat to people who are foolish enough to try and grow a garden. Those things eat everything!”

“Hello again. Are you both out from behind the bar for the night now?” Vivian’s gaze bounced from one to the other, once again amazed that both men were clearly interested in her. Jess had said most of the folks in Kismet Cove were poly, did that mean these two were as well? Wicked thoughts filled her head for a moment and she had to mentally shake herself back to the present.

“I am free for the night. Barring catastrophes, bar fights or kitchen fires, that is.” Byron eyed the glass in her hand. “That’s not tequila.”

“Nope, Tucker found me something better.” She pointed to the bottle of scotch. “Much better.”

“He did, huh?” Byron whistled low when he spotted the brand. “Eighteen-year-old scotch? How did you get him to part with that, slim?”

“I asked nicely.” Viv fluttered her lashes at Byron. “It works wonders.”

“Besides, I’m joining her.” Tucker held up his own glass, still half full. “But you don’t have enough appreciation for good scotch to lay a finger on that bottle. Heathen.”

“Not a problem.” Byron threw up his hands in mock surrender, revealing he already had a drink in his hand. I’m driving home later so I’m sticking to unleaded for the rest of the night. Kitchen is about to bring out some nachos and appetizer platters. I came to warn you that if you’re hungry, you better be prepared to move fast. The locals are all very friendly until you get between them and their food supply, then they get ornery.”

As she hopped off her stool she found herself between them both, with Byron’s hand on the small of her back and Tucker’s resting between her shoulder blades. They escorted back to the main table as several servers appeared, all laden down with food. She could feel her stomach rumbling even if she couldn’t hear it over the music. She decided to throw discretion to the wind and enjoy all the indulgences the night had on offer. Good food, fine scotch, not to mention the attention of two men that she wouldn’t see again once she went home. After all, she was on holiday.

Adult Excerpt

 “I want to taste you,” Byron told her as his hands stilled. “Will you let me do that?”

She broke her kiss with Tucker and looked down to where Byron was kneeling between her legs with an expression of raw hunger on his face.

“Yes,” she whispered, feeling a rush of power at being able to control him with a single word. If she had denied him then he wouldn’t have touched her. That knowledge gave her a sense security and comfort. Safe in the arms of one lover with another at her feet, she tried to let it all go, freeing herself to enjoy this moment.

“Thank you,” he murmured and then bowed his head to place several butterfly kisses along the inside her knee. He kissed his way higher, an inch at a time and Tucker spread his legs, taking hers with him until she was spread out between them like an offering.
“So pretty,” Tucker whispered in her ear. “I want to see all of you, sugar. Are you ready for me to take this shirt off of you?”

She nodded and he groaned in approval before grabbing the shirt and whipping it off her so quickly she barely had time to raise her arms. He had his hands on her breasts before the shirt hit the floor. Byron lifted his head to stare at her, his eyes gleaming and his mouth quirked into a lopsided grin.

“I think we need to start a new theme at the bar. Topless Tuesdays. I’m willing to go shirtless if you are, Viv.”

“I’m certain that’s not legal,” she managed to talk despite the fact Tucker was expertly fondling her breasts, lightly teasing her nipples until they were aching and hard.

“And I’m certain no one else gets to see her naked. Period,” Tucker grumbled. “I don’t share well, and neither do you, bro.”

That made Vivian laugh out loud and she kept laughing until both men stopped what they were doing to stare at her. When she finally got her breath back to speak she gestured to the three of them before snickering again. “Sorry. It’s just that you two seem to be doing a great job of sharing right now. At least from where I’m sitting.”

“Glad you’re enjoying it,” Byron said and then dipped his head again, kissing his way ever closer to her now dripping pussy. His fingers stroked along the seam of her labia and her comeback was lost in a guttural moan of pleasure.

“Is he making you feel good, sugar?” Tucker’s voice was a low, sensual whisper. “Are you going to come for him the way you came for me earlier?” His words short-circuited her brain and she turned her head to kiss him, too turned on to form a coherent thought. His tongued twined with hers, making her whimper against his mouth as Byron’s fingers pressed into her folds and worked slow circles around her throbbing clit.

The sensation of having two men’s hands touching her and two mouths tasting her at once was making her hotter than she had been in her life. She knew that if Byron would just touch her clit she’d come hard and fast. She squirmed in Tucker’s lap, trying to get what she needed but Byron would not be rushed.

“Not yet. I haven’t gotten to taste you.” He moved in close enough that his shoulders were brushing her knees and he could nuzzle the neatly trimmed curls of her pussy. His breath fanned over her wet skin while his fingers kept up their steady, teasing strokes, making her wriggle again.

Tucker tweaked her nipples and she nearly came out of his lap at the added stimulus. Before she could refill her lungs Byron parted her labia with his thumbs and finally gave her what she needed, drawing her clit into his mouth and lashing it with the tip of his tongue until she was once again on the jagged edge of release.
Tucker ended their kiss, moving his mouth a few inches away from hers. “Fuck, I never thought I’d like watching, but I do. I like watching your face as Byron eats that pretty pussy. You’re so tasty, I know he’s loving it. Loving making you feel good. Are you going to come for us?

Tucker kissed her again before she could answer. Her muscles trembled and her breath was coming in ragged gasps between the moans that flowed into Tucker’s mouth as he kissed and stroked her. Sensation piled onto sensation until she finally flew apart with a muffled cry. Her orgasm tore through her like a brutal storm, leaving her gasping and limp when it finally passed.

“You are glorious when you come,” Tucker murmured as he lifted his head and let her breathe unobstructed.
“She’s fucking glorious, period,” Byron chimed in as he drew the back of his hand across his mouth and grinned up at her. “Glorious, gorgeous and all ours.”

“You two are going to give me an inflated ego saying things like that.” She stirred in Tucker’s lap and he moved his legs so she was no longer stretched out on display. Feeling brazen, she turned her head to kiss Tucker, nipping at his lips before reaching out and tousling Byron’s blond curls. “Thank you for making me feel like a goddess.”

“You are a goddess,” Tucker informed her.

“Our goddess,” Byron added.

“Well then.” She drew in a quick breath and decided to embrace whatever the fates had planned for her. “Your goddess wants to know if her devoted servants would like to take her to bed now.”

Byron was up off the floor in seconds, eagerly helping her out of Tucker’s lap. “All you had to do was ask.”