Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All work and no caffeine makes muses unhappy...

The past few weeks I’ve been fighting with my muse, a very busy workplace, general chaos, sleep deprivation and the crankiness that can only come when one tries to cut back on carbs, calories and caffeine all at the same time. Yep, I tried that. Nope, it didn’t work. Guess which of those last three things are back in my life?  If you guessed caffeine, give yourself an extra shot of espresso!

Apparently I can live without ice cream, chocolate, bread, and pasta, but if you take away my coffee then my muse goes into a catatonic state and refuses to comply with any and all threats, bribes, requests and pleadings.

Lesson learned.

With the caffeine issue addressed, I’ve been working hard at finishing up the next book in the Wilde Brothers series. Wilde Edge, Tag’s story should be ready for submission to the publisher by early April. (Yes, the title changed. Wilde Ride wasn’t working for me or the characters. I did mention things have been chaotic and twirly, right? That includes the storyline. The plot outline I roughed out…the characters tossed that out a window right quick.)

Once Wilde Edge is submitted, I will be going to work in 3013: STOWAWAY. Sonja’s story is up next, and I’m looking forward to submerging myself back in the 3013 universe again.  I’ve been getting some glimpses at Laurie Roma’s next 3013 book, and I cannot wait for her to finish it so I can read the whole thing!  It’s going to be a smoking hot, suspenseful read.

Back to work for me, but I hope everyone is having a great week, and for those of you still suffering from the winter that never ends, you have my sympathies. Stay warm and keep reading.