Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good News and Gratitude

I must apologize for the radio silence, reality had me in it's unpleasant grip! My day job this week looked more like a paper avalanche hit my desk, and Murphy's Law was in full force. Things are finally back to normal, or at least as normal as they get in my world. 

This is never an easy time of year for me. I start missing the sun (Pacific northwest = lots of grey and wet), and last week was my little brother's birthday. He passed away a few years ago, so it's a time of remembrance rather than celebration.

But that was last week. This week, I have a lot to celebrate, and much of it is due to my readers. 

3013: RENEGADE is an Amazon best seller. I am so grateful to all my readers and supporters for making this happen. There are no words that truly express how deeply this has affected me. I write because it's my joy, and my escape. To know that there are readers out there who want to escape into the stories I write is a blessing. Thank you.

To celebrate, I'm holding a giveaway for 3013: RENEGADE over at the 3013: The Series Blog. For the lastest information on the series, or to head over and enter for a chance to win? Here's the address:

* * * *

Next on the list, The TBR pile just named Blind Bet, my "other" sci fi menage book, as their Book of the Month. Thank you to everyone who voted! 

* * * *

And then.... I have a new story coming out with Evernight Publishing. Tiger Trap, an MF, shifter short story, will be coming out in April.  I'll be sharing more on that later. 

* * * *

The other thing I'm grateful this week?  Discovering this exists:

I'm totally eating this to celebrate the other things on this list.