Thursday, April 24, 2014

Evernight Book Boyfriend Blog Hop - Doyle Frost

The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is back and better than ever!

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“Tell me you need me again, and say my name, woman.”
Meet Doyle Frost, reformed thief and unrepentant playboy. He's a white tiger shifter with an appreciation for the finer things things in life. Born in Ireland over a century ago, he taught himself to blend in with the rich and privileged, travelling the world and enjoying the best of everything money can buy.
"...Banff was a world class playground for the rich, and Doyle would have liked to stay and play for a while in one of the luxurious hotels they passed. Safely out of the godforsaken snow and foul weather of course, preferably in a hot tub with room service, brandy and a willing woman to pass the time."

“You’re mine, Tessa. And I don’t share. At all.”
Now he works for Finders Keepers incorporated, putting his skills to work to retrieve items stolen from their rightful owners. Charming, stylish and in control, he relishes his life as a rogue and has no intention of changing, until he meets his match, a leopard shifter and fellow thief named Tessa.
"...He set his shirt down atop his jeans and then looked to the pups. “That’s a four-hundred dollar shirt. If either of you so much as breathe on it I will break one of you in half and make the grief-stricken survivor buy me a new one.”

"Snow! I’m a tiger, not a fucking yeti.”

Doyle's Official Biography 

When I asked Doyle for his biography, I got a bit more than just the facts. Everything you see in brackets was his embellishment. He insisted I include them ... and who am I to argue?

Age: Over one hundred. (Just you never mind how much over. Suffice it to say I am still very much in my prime.) 

Eyes: Ice blue. (One of my best features. Well, top ten anyway.) 

Hair: Pale Blond. (utter one blond joke and I'll introduce you to my tiger.)

Height: 6.1" (What, that's the only measurement you're giving them? Trust me, that's not my most impressive one.)

Born: Kilarney, Ireland. (Yes, I still have an accent...when I want to. Women love a bit of brogue.)

Current Residence: San Juan Islands, Washington State. (A nice, private island where I can let my tiger loose without getting shot at.)

Favorite Drink: Cognac. (Best enjoyed by a warm fire, sans clothing and in the company of a beautiful woman.)

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: None. (Guilt? never. I don't feel guilty about any of my pleasures, where would the fun be in that?)


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