Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting the groove back

This weekend I actually got away from the computer and went outside. Yep,outside, where the big flaming ball of fire in the sky could beat directly down on my pasty white skin. If it weren’t for sunscreen, I might have been incinerated…

I actually have this on a t-shirt ....

The thing about being a writer is that we tend to live inside our heads. After all, that’s where the stories are, not to mention that when a story is working and the story is flowing, it provides a high as potent as any drug. Between my full time job and the writing, I can forget the outside world exists for the most part, and that’s not a good thing.  The winter “blech” was hard to shake this year, and it affected everything from my diet to my writing.

So, I took the weekend off** from writing. I caught up on some television, read a book, walked in the sun, and even saw a movie with friends. I feel like the last of the winter blues has finally slipped away, leaving me recharged and ready to dive into the fray again. Fresh veggies in the diet, fresh word document open and waiting for me to start writing, and I caught myself singing in the shower this morning.

Yep. I’m back! (still off-key, but back.)

How did the long winter affect you, and what are you doing to get your groove back now that the sun is coming back?

**Off in this case means I only wrote a few hundred words, finalized details on 3013: STOWAWAY, proof read a fellow author’s next release and stalked my inbox waiting for an acceptance/rejection letter from Evernight for Wilde Edge.