Monday, May 5, 2014

That's going in a book someday...

I seem to be saying that particular phrase often these days. Inspiration has been coming fast and furious, and my list of villains, nightmare scenarios and people who "are going to die badly" in future books is expanding at an alarming rate.

In the past few days all of the following have inadvertently offered themselves up as future book fodder.

There's the cackling coven of tenants at one building (I'm in property management) who have assigned themselves the job of "managing" their fellow tenants, right down to how many hours a jigsaw puzzle may be left on a table in the communal areas before it can be declared "abandoned" and taken apart. This nagging harridans travel in a pack, tossing out edicts and attempting to enforce their personal rules as if they entire complex belongs to them alone. As you can well imagine, it's not going over well with the other tenants.

Not one, but two friends of mine have had their innate kindness abused by men who are old enough to know better and frankly don't deserve to have these women in their life the way they are behaving, and so some day soon they'll get find their names attached to the villain of one of my books. These two are most certainly in the "going to die badly" column.

And then there's the nightmare scenario with a side order of new villain names. (well, one new, one I've used before and apparently need to use again.) For anyone who thinks that wicked step-mothers don't exist, this weekend I learned that they're still alive, well, and incredibly least in one case. The day I put this in a book, I know someone is going to write me and claim that no woman would be this selfish, cruel, or thoughtless to her future step-daughter on her father's wedding day.

I'll have to tell them that every detail is true. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, and far, far worse.