Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Giveaway (and random musings on frogs)

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. 
~ Albert Einstein

Everything in life, from politics to wallpaper, is affected by our perceptions. Yes, I said wallpaper, trust me, it’ll all make sense soon. Over the course of the summer, I’ve experienced several incidents that reminded me that one person’s absolute truth can be another person’s pile of bovine fecal matter. It’s all a matter of perception, personal preference, and our inherent biases.

As an example of how easy it is for two people to look at the same thing and take away two very different impressions, I give you the wallpaper we have at work. It’s fancy. It’s Victorian, it’s got eye-boggling patterns, and it’s become something of a game to ask visitors what they see when they look at it.

Now, take a look at all those swirls and colours and textures and see if you can find something recognizable in all that visual clutter. 

Got it? Great. Now take a look at the picture below, where I’ve picked out the three most common things people see.

Now go look back at the first picture again. Can you un-see the patterns? I can’t. I see the frog every time and I have to really concentrate to see the others at all. Apparently I’m biased and prefer frogs. (Clowns terrify me, so I’m not really surprised by this.)

I’m far from perfect, but I do try and see past the frogs most days, with varying success. It’s easier to cruise through life on default, and our default setting is that it’s all about us. Everything happens to us, because of them. *waves hands vaguely at the rest of the world.* 

 Stepping out of that mentality isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. Otherwise when the day comes, and it will come, when you’re the one causing the problem, you won’t be able to see it. All you’ll see are your personal frogs, hopping around and obscuring the truth. (Frogging up your vision, as it were... sorry for the pun, I couldn't resist.) 

Just for fun (and to atone for that terrible pun) I'm doing a giveaway. All you have to do to enter is post in the comments and tell me what YOU see when you look at the wallpaper. Winner gets a copy of my newest release, 3013: STOWAWAY. (or a choice of any book in my back catalog.) 

I'll announce a winner on Friday, the 25th of July.