Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guest Author - Willow Brooke - Enlisting her Heart


The troops finally land a vacation in a tropical paradise for some much needed R&R and a honeymoon celebration. With time to unwind, Hulk (Zane Menroe) moves in on the one little red head that’s been on his mind since she arrived at the ranch- Violet Larose. He’d been keeping her at a distance until he got grips on some of the anxiety and anger issues that kept plaguing him. Their mission is at a stand still and the sun warm, sand soft, and drinks ever flowing. What better time then the present to make his move?

Kodiak (Nik Hughes) has enjoyed the playful flirting with Violet, but wants more. A lot more. He knows Hulk has a thing for her that she returns, but doesn’t think that should stop him from moving in. What’s to not like about a good ménage relationship, right? Normally, it’d be the woman that would need some extra convincing and persuasion, but not in this case. He’s up against not only one of the most stubborn soldiers he’d ever met, but one that is suffering from extreme PTSD and in denial.

With the enemy hunting on their territory and endangering the family they hold so dear, the unit must lay it all on the line to protect them. The mission is down to the wire and the victory in sight, but can they figure out who is friend, and who is foe?

This book contains real problems that real soldiers deal with on a daily basis. Join me in a journey of love, action, and a family pulling together to help their soldiers regain control of their life as they take on the world in order to protect our country and defend our freedom. Sweet romance, hot ménage sex that will curl your toes, and a bunch of soldiers who will steal your heart and leave you wanting more all awaits you!

Enlisting her Heart is now available at AMAZON

You can find out more about Willow Brooke, including the rest of the Breaking Protocol books at her website: Willowbrooke.weebly.com or email her at willowbrookebooks@gmail.com