Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Surviving a Chaos Dragon attack - or knowing when to take a reality break

The existence of Chaos Dragons would explain so much.

It's not even noon yet, and I have already exceeded both my chaos and crazy quotas for the day. The phone won't stop ringing. Requests are coming in from all sides for a variety of documents, clarifications, and answers to odd questions. My normally quiet office is abuzz with conversations, shouted communications and a near steady whir of the printer/fax machine. 

Days like this happen, they're part of the ups and downs of life, but lately... lately there seem to be more of them than there should be, and it's not just the small, day to day stuff. War, disease, cruelty, and chaos seem to be the order of the day across the world, on a scale that makes me seriously consider hiding in a blanket fort for at least a week. 

This is why I love to write. It's my escape, my way of letting go of reality and running amok in worlds where there is no such thing as ISIS or an election year. (Which Canada is now in, heaven help us all.) Lately though, I've been struggling to write. I can't seem to let go of reality for long, and took me a while to realize what the problem was. I was the victim of a stealthy Chaos Dragon attack, so busy being busy with everything I forgot to enjoy anything.

Too much reality is bad for the soul, and in my case, it makes my muse run screaming for that blanket fort I mentioned earlier. So tonight I am taking some time for myself. No housework, no writing, no must do's or have to's. I'm going to have dinner with a friend and then go home to read a book or maybe watch some of the many shows I have recorded but never seem to have time to watch. (Or both...oh the luxury!)

There will also be cookies, because I'm going to need them to tempt my muse out of hiding. I can write without her, but it's always easier when she's nearby, whispering in my ear.