Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I swore I was done online dating...but I wasn't.

Many, many moons ago, I deleted all my online dating profiles, convinced that I was cursed and would have better luck smiling at strangers in the produce section at the grocery store. Given the fact I'm still very single, that didn't work out quite as planned...and so in a moment of weakness I signed up for Plenty of Fish. New profile, new pictures, answered all those questions they ask with a fresh perspective and more attitude.

So far, It would seem I'm still cursed.

It's not that I haven't had any interest. It's that the interest I've gained is from men who aren't quite what I'm looking for. Not a hookup or a hangout, but an actual relationship, with dates and laughter and stuff. The last time I did this, I got a detailed and very polite email from a young man who was looking for a full-time Domme. I had another email from a seventy + year old who was looking for a "travelling companion." He thoughtfully included  several naked pictures of himself.

This time isn't looking much more promising. I've had an invitation to meet with a man and his wife who are active swingers. There was an email from a fellow who explained that he was only in town for a few days, gave me his hotel address in the first email, and used the words "honest and discrete," to describe himself. The computerized matching system informed me that I was highly compatible with one fellow, and when I clicked on the link I burst out laughing as I saw the face of a high school boyfriend. Not so compatible, thank you, computer algorithms.

Today I got an email from a profile with no name and no picture. All it said was "if that is you Sue your still as beautiful as you were when we dated back in the day." 

Flattering, definitely. A tad disconcerting? You betcha.  Did I mention I have no idea who this person is?  The only picture with his profile is of a teddy-bear. What day were we dating in? Hell, which decade? Is he the one that got away, or one of the ones I ran from? (there are a lot more of the latter than the former, the odds are not in my favour here.)

I am not ready to give up just yet, but my optimism is waning fast. We'll see what the next few days brings. I've still got hope I'll get a date out of this adventure. If not, I've got more fodder for my books.

Wish me luck.