Thursday, May 7, 2015

Summoned and Bound - An introduction to the characters

When I started writing the first book in the Summoned Series back in 2013, I created a character only referred to as Mistress. She delivered the heroine of Summoned and Sold to her fate and then vanished from the story. I thought that would be the last time I thought about her, but I was wrong. That small appearance led to another one in Summoned and Stolen, and Mistress kept whispering to me that she had her own story, one that I needed to write. Summoned and Bound is her story.

Gwyneth Annaren is an Elemental, a powerful race of spell-weavers that vanished without a trace more than a hundred years ago. Enslaved when she was little more than a child, she has spent her life in the service of a cruel sorcerer she calls master.

She lives purely in the present, never allowing herself to remember her past or dream of a future where she is free. And then her master summons a gargoyle shifter into slavery, and everything changes.

Vamir Halmar is the Commander of the last Company of Guardians, Garda warriors created in the distant past to protect their creators, the elementals. His life is one of duty, sacrifice, and unwavering purpose. Hunt down the enemies of his people and make it safe for the Garda and the Elementals to live free once more. 

The day he's summoned into a life of slavery, he finds not only the enemy he's sworn to destroy, but a beautiful elemental who fires his blood and calls to his soul. No matter what the price may be, he knows he cannot leave Gwyneth behind. 

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