Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stranger than fiction

A few weeks ago I blogged about some of the strange things that had come up at work. That post, Wackadoodle Wednesday, highlighted a handful of the odd problems that come with being in property management. Well, I need to write a follow-up to that post, because things got even weirder.

Like this, only in a seniors only building.
We finally convinced one of our tenants that his eighty-plus-year-old neighbour was not running a brothel out of his apartment. That took a surprising amount of effort on our part, but the matter was eventually resolved. (After said tenant called the police and tried to convince THEM that there was a brothel situation going on. They didn't believe him, either.)

Now we're dealing with another tenant who seems to spend a great deal of time out on her balcony, watching her neighbours go about their lives. She also spends a significant amount of time watching the pool, because we've have multiple reports from her claiming that another tenant is doing handstands in said pool, while not wearing the bottom half of her bikini. So far, our poor managers have gone out to check on this selectively-dressed aquatic acrobat twice, and both times they've confirmed that yes, she's wearing both parts of the bikini. 

This leaves us with two possible scenarios:

1) The reporting tenant needs to up the prescription on her glasses.

2) Our hand-standing tenant is stripping off her bottoms, performing her acrobatics and then redressing while remaining underwater, thus avoiding detection.

I'm sure there are other possibilities, but I don't want to go too far down that particular rabbit hole, some things are best left unpondered.

Shown - A reason to rebel against "the man"
Due to a new city bylaw, all organic garbage (table scraps, veggie trimmings, pizza boxes etc) are now to be separated out and placed in special compost bins for pick up. As you can imagine this is not a wonderful idea for a high-rise apartment in the middle of summer, but the law is the law. 

When the tenants were informed of this change, some of them took it upon themselves to stage a garbage rebellion. The specially purchased "compost buckets" have been found in the halls, left in the stairwells, full and apparently awaiting the garbage fairy to come and take them away. (Or maybe they think the fruit flies will form swarms large enough to carry it off?) What none of them grasp is that this wasn't our company's idea. If they want to make a point, head to City Hall and leave the compost at their front door.

I'm hoping that this afternoon is quiet, giving me some much needed time to restore my faith in humanity.