Sunday, July 12, 2015

I seem to have lost my couch - musings on convention prep 2015

I wonder what my couch's maximum weight limit is...

In less than a month I will be in Atlanta, Georgia to attend my very first convention, Authors After Dark. That's still several weeks away, and yet my living room is starting to resemble a warehouse. (Not shown, many, many other boxes that I need to collapse and take down to the recycling bin.) 

The only thing keeping me from panic at the moment is the knowledge that only some of each box is coming with me, not the whole shebang. I cannot imagine what the overweight luggage bill would be if I tried to take it all, never mind explaining to various customs, immigration and Homeland Security folks why I'm travelling with several hundred potential stabby things (nail files,) and a few hundred vials of chemicals, (hand sanitizers.) 

Since this is my first ever convention, I've pestered my author friends (and a few strangers) for tips, hints and sage pearls of wisdom. I am going to owe them all hugs and drinks by the time I meet up with them in Atlanta, especially Kali Argent, who has been my mentor as I become increasingly mental. 

Since I work full time, I've had every shipment sent to my work address, which has delighted my boss (who loves seeing what new things have arrived and has claimed something from nearly every box.)  It has also confounded my postie, who actually asked me what on earth company I worked for that had no sign on the door and kept getting mystery packages from all over. 

My explanation that I write romances and all the deliveries were for an upcoming convention didn't seem to ease his concerns at all. I think he's now wondering what exactly is IN all those boxes he's delivered. 

My passport is ready, my luggage has been pulled out of the closet, and I have a feeling my brand new luggage scale is about to get a serious workout as I figure out how to get all these goodies 3,550 km and still manage to pack my clothes. (And my tirara, cannot forget that!)  

As you might have guessed, I'm getting excited about this trip! Readers to meet, authors to fan-girl over, panels to attend, and I am going to be sure to try "real" sweet tea and other southern foods for the first time. 

So far the list includes southern fried chicken, barbeque, black eyed peas & grits. If you've got any other suggestions, toss them in the comments!  (makes a note to bring stretchy pants for the plane ride home.)