Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ice Cream Blog Hop

Welcome to the My Ice Cream Brings All The Boys To The Yard blog hop!
This is the first of hopefully many hops, introducing you to some names you know, and some you don't.

Go through the list, and find out what your favorite authors think about their characters! Are they Vanilla? Or Chocolate Peanut Butter? 

Get your spoon and get stuck in!!

Did someone say ice cream? I swear, ice cream is my kryponite. (And the reason I will never be a size two.) There are so many flavors to pick from, but when I thought about Vamir, the gargoyle shifter hero from Summoned and Bound, I knew exactly which flavor he was: Moose Tracks.

At first glance it looks like simple vanilla, but buried under that cold exterior are dark rivers of chocolate and delicious chocolate cups filled with peanut butter. Yummy! That description suits Vamir perfectly. He looks human, and centuries of living apart from his brethren have left him cool and distant. But beneath the chilly surface beats the heart of a warrior fueled by courage and gifted with powers far beyond a mortal man. 

Vamir is a Garda warrior, a man of hidden depths. There's a darkness to him, too, and it’s going to take a very special woman to appreciate his complex nature…and the fact he can shift into a seven-foot-tall, winged creature with fangs, horns, and stone skin might take a little getting used to, too. Not every woman has it in them to love a gargoyle, but Gwyneth is far from ordinary, herself.


Summoned and Bound

Two souls bound by fate. Two lovers enslaved by magic.

Vamir Halmar is the Commander of the last Company of Guardians. When a summoning spell targets the wrong man and drops Vamir into the enemy’s hands, he discovers his salvation in the form of a beautiful slave with quicksilver eyes and the heart of a warrior.

Torn from her family and home before she had grown into her powers, Gwyneth Annaren has spent most of her life as the unwilling servant to one of the most fearsome Magi. When Vamir is accidently summoned by her master, she finds herself face to face with a living reminder of the past she has forced herself to forget. The handsome guardian is as dangerous to her as he is compelling, tempting her to dream of freedom and an end to her loneliness.

Can they have a future together, or will the price of their freedom be paid in sacrifice and heartbreak?

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