Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Release - Shadow Soldier by Kali Argent

Shadow Soldier

The Revenant - Book One

When the Purge nearly wiped out humanity and gave rise to the Allied Races Coalition, Roux Jennings refused to become a paranormal’s new pet. Forced into hiding, she remains constantly on the move, never staying in one place for too long. It’s a harsh existence filled with too many dangers and not enough food, but at least she’s free.

Coalition Captain Deke Collins is tasked with protecting the citizens of Trinity Grove—both human and paranormal alike. Presenting the mask of a loyal and dutiful soldier isn’t always easy, but it’s a necessary evil. If anyone discovers he’s the leader of a group of rebels secretly known as the Revenant, he won’t live to see the next sunrise.

When circumstances force him into the path of a beautiful and tenacious female, he’s immediately drawn to the human. Dragging Roux into his world may put her in more danger than even he realizes, but it’s a risk he must take to protect her.

In a reality where paranormals rule and humans are nearly extinct, lines are drawn, sides are chosen, and a war for freedom rages in secret.


“Your plan is what, exactly?” a low, masculine voice asked from somewhere in the darkness to her right. “Rescue your friends armed with a single knife and determination?”

Roux couldn’t see the owner of the voice, not even a silhouette, but she knew he was close, much too close. She couldn’t outrun him, not by returning to the forest, anyway. He’d expect that. If she had any hope of escape, she’d have to outsmart him, but to do that, she needed to know where he was.

Gripping the handle of her knife hard enough to make her knuckles ache, Roux swallowed past the constriction in her throat. “Who are you?” she demanded, grateful her voice didn’t break and betray her fear. “Where are my friends?”

“Your friends are alive…for now.”

His answer definitely came from the right, two maybe three trees away. “Who are you?” Roux repeated.

“Does it matter?”

She could barely hear him over the rain that plopped against the treetops, but he sounded closer when he spoke, much too close for her comfort. No light—artificial or natural—penetrated the darkness beneath the canopy, and she still couldn’t find him in the shadows. 

“You should run,” he whispered, his breath warm against the shell of her ear.

Reacting on instinct, not giving fear time to paralyze her, Roux pivoted on the ball of her right foot and swung her arm out to the side with enough force to make her elbow crack. When the blade of her knife encountered only air, she dropped into a half-crouch and held her breath. The guy moved like a fucking ghost, there one minute, gone the next, and she couldn’t hear a damn thing.

“You’re not running,” her stalker taunted, his voice coming from directly behind her as his fingertips brushed over her bare shoulder.

Instead of turning, Roux jerked both elbows back, satisfied when she heard her attacker grunt in pain as she connected squarely with a wall of muscle. Following the momentum, she threw her head back, groaning when the impact with his sternum made her vision blurry. She didn’t stop fighting, though, swinging her knife down and back to where she estimated his thigh to be. Again, she found only emptiness.

Strong, callused fingers encircled her wrist, squeezing the bones until her hand went numb and her only weapon tumbled to the ground. Still, she wouldn’t admit defeat, not while she remained standing. Instead of trying to jerk away, she bent her knees and pushed up from the soaked ground, driving her shoulder into her captor. Clearly, he hadn’t expected her to make such a bold move, because he lost his footing in the slippery mud and toppled over, dragging Roux to the ground with him. 

Landing atop his massive chest—fuck, the guy was huge—Roux rolled to the left, wrenching her arm free of his loosened grasp. The instant her feet hit the ground, she was running, sprinting out of the row of peach trees, back toward the highway and the forest beyond.

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