Friday, September 18, 2015

Release Announcement - Wilde Blue

I was still writing Wilde Edge when my muse informed me that when it came time to write big brother Dave’s story, he was going to find himself dating a single mom with a daughter determined to become a cop someday. All of his brothers were thrilled by the idea, and when I started writing Wilde Blue I had four male voices reminding me that this was the plan and making it clear they were not going to accept anything else.

Held hostage by the voices in my head, I created Dani as a single mother with a delightful little girl, and discovered that just like in real life, adding a kid to the mix changes everything. Casey added an extra challenge to giving my couple alone time, and she was old enough to see things clearly, and too young to know when to filter her words. 

I had so much fun writing Casey, who is loosely based on my best friend's daughter, or at least my recollections of what she was like at that age. She's eighteen now, and I'm certain that when she reads this book she will deny any similarities.

I hope you enjoy reading the latest installment in the Wilde Brothers series as much as I enjoyed writing it.

~Happy Reading



Dani Moore barely escaped her abusive marriage. Six years later, she just wants to raise her little girl in peace. When she learns that her ex-husband is out on early parole, she goes into hiding, adopting a new name and starting a new life far away from the man who tried to kill her.

Detective David Wilde learned the hard way that romance and police work don’t mix, at least not for him. Since his divorce, he’s kept his heart closed off and his focus on the job. For Dave, being a cop isn’t only a career, it’s a way of life that defines every choice he makes…until he meets Dani.

Hired as the new cook at his family’s bar and grill, Dani’s a sweet and sexy package that brings light and color back into Dave’s life. When that light is threatened by Dani’s past, Dave will do whatever it takes to protect what’s his.

Can two battle-scarred hearts find the strength to love again, or will an act of revenge destroy their future before they’ve even begun?

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