Friday, November 6, 2015

The week of the wack-a-doodles

Yes, you read that title right. This week, Wackadoodle Wednesday turned into a parade of weirdness that refused to stay confined to a single day. Each day, the craziness marched on, complete with brass bands and floats. (But not clowns, this is my metaphor and I refuse to allow clowns.)

For those who remember my posts about Wack-a-doodle Wednesday, you will recall there was a tenant in one of the buildings my company manages who was convinced there was a secret brothel being run by a 60+ year old caregiver and the 80+ year old man she looks after. Well, he's back on our radar thanks to the fact he's now gathering data on who parks in what parking stall. He is convinced there is a conspiracy by outsiders to use the visitor parking slots to escape paying for parking at the shopping centre across the street. (Which would make more sense if it was a pay parking's not.)  He'd like to know what we're going to do about these freeloaders, and is threatening to stop paying for his parking lot if we don't fix this issue. 

We've got tenants smelling imaginary odors from their appliances. Others who think that paying rent  is somehow optional and we shouldn't expect it on the first of the month but sometime "before the month ends." The outdoor pools are now closed for the season, which means that while outdoor nudity incidents are down, a large number of tenants have forgotten how to operate their thermostats are are convinced we've turned off their heat. (We didn't.) 

The level of stress in the office has reached the point that we collectively flinch each time the phone rings. Even the dog has started hiding under his master's desk. And that was before we ran out of coffee. 

It's noon on Friday now, and the phone has finally stopped ringing. It might be that the weirdness is over and I can spend the rest of my work day catching up. I hope it's a quiet weekend, too, because I have a book to finish!