Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What do you mean, it's already the end of February?

I swear I blinked twice and suddenly it's Spring. 

I'm thrilled the weather is improving, I'm even happy to trade in my need for cold and flu remedy for antihistamines to deal with the pollen that is now filling the air outside. What am I not happy about? This means I have only few more weeks before convention season hits and I find myself on a plane to Atlanta! 

Victoria, Canada's version of a white out.

Yes, this means fun, sleepless nights and crazy days of laughter and making new friends but it also means I have to get myself organized. I need lists. Then I need master lists of all my lists. I need this because today I opened a document labeled "things to do before Atlanta" and discovered it's BLANK. Which means a) I brilliantly cut and pasted this somewhere instead of copy and pasting, or b) I made the document and then never actually entered anything on it. Either way, I need a new list. And a plan. And possibly a personal assistant to handle all this adulty stuff, because I am clearly not adept at it despite forty-five years of practice. 

3013: FURY is progressing and is on track for a late April release date, and I have a new project that is coming out the first week of May. (Yes, I know those are very close together. I did mention I'm not doing so well with planning so far this year. *grins*) S.E Smith has invited me to be part of her new Kindle World of the Magic, New Mexico, series!  Etched in Stone will be my first foray into this world, and I am over the moon excited to be part of this project along with a number of other amazing writers. 

Add into that mix my need to do my taxes, organize the boxes of swag that have taken over part of my condo, keep up with the day job, and relearn the fine art of eating lean and healthy. Can one eat healthy in Atlanta? Fried green tomatoes and fried chicken are good for me, right?  (please, just nod and let me cling to that fantasy a little longer.) It's going to be a crazy busy couple of months. 

What do you do to keep yourself organized? Or you just go with the flow and try to keep up?