Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Scheduling Crisis - Or why I need there to be an extra day in every week

I had a plan.

It was a good plan, too. I sat down in December and mapped out my goals and deadlines for 2016. There were highlighted bits, carefully calculated deadlines, and even some buffer space to accommodate the dreaded "reality factor." 

It's March now, and my schedule is already shot to hell. The poor thing is whimpering in a corner, tattered, weary, and covered with crossed out bits and fresh scribbles. The part of me that likes to be organized wants to reschedule everything and make a fresh, new plan.  The part of me that knows that doing such a thing will only invite the wrath of dragons, chaos demons, and the general ire of the universe is resisting doing any such thing.

Chaos Dragons are notoriously cranky creatures

So what happened? Reality, new opportunities, and possibly the slightest bit of insanity. You know, the usual suspects.

My schedule from December-May included writing 3013: FURY, and not one but two special projects. (Yes, two!)  3013: FURY is due out around the beginning of May, and I can now tell you that Fury won't be the only book I have releasing around then.  Etched in Stone will be releasing in early May as well. Etched is part of S.E Smith's Magic, New Mexico, world and I am one of the authors invited to take part in her new Kindle World!  I'm so excited about this and I cannot wait to tell you more about it. Details are coming (along with a cover reveal.) 

My other secret project? Still a secret! I can tell you more about that in about two weeks. It's worth the wait, I promise. 

While I've been busy writing, I've also been organzing myself for TNEE in Atlanta and RTC in Ottawa, my two spring convention appearances. There's packing, ordering, books to send and swag...sooo much swag. I may have over-ordered. 

This is most of what I'm bring to TNEE... I see overweight luggage charges in my future
I've also finished my costume for TNEE and I'm working on my RTC outfits. Cowboys and 80's night. Man, my luggage is going to contain some very odd things, and all of it needs packing!

TNEE's villian ball has been a fun costume to put together. For those who are curious, here's a hint:

And so, this is why my schedule for 2016 is in tatters. It's also why I've been absent from this blog for far too long. I thought it was time for an update! Now, I'm heading back into my writing cave. If you don't hear from me in a week, send sexy firefighters or EMT's.