Thursday, April 14, 2016

TNEE 2016 - Atlanta - The Wrap up

Required "stand by my banner" photo

What a whirlwind!

 TNEE 2016 is now nothing but a memory, but it's a memory I'm going to cherish for a long time to come. I got to see some old friends, make some new ones, and connect with some amazing readers. 

Atlanta was suffering from a "cold snap" while I was there, which meant I was in in short sleeves while the locals were huddled in their heaviest jackets and shivering. Yay for being Canadian. *laughs*

The flight down there was a little stressful. A malfunctioning steering light delayed my first flight by twenty minutes, which meant I was checking the time and fretting that I was going to miss my connection. Fortunately Seattle airport was quiet and I made my next flight without issue. The flight itself was a bit like being set in a tumble dryer for four hours of our five hour flight. Turbulence kept everyone in their seats and doing a good impression of James Bond's favorite drink. Shaken, not stirring.

From the moment I hit the lobby of the hotel, everything fell into place. There were friends everywhere, with everyone laughing and smiling and hugging. I took ten minutes to power unpack and then headed out. There were drinks in Fandangles, a little food, and then it was time for the welcome party down by the pool. 

I went back to my room with every intention of going to bed, only to see an invite to come back to the bar for drinks. Needless to say, I didn't stay in my room for long! And that was the theme of the whole weekend. I was on the go for four days straight, and by the time I left the hotel at the unholy hour of 4am on Sunday morning, I was exhausted but happy.

The panels let me get to know some fantastic new authors, the Villains Ball was a blast. (Where else would I ever get to have dinner with Loki, Smaug, the Queen of Hearts, Cruella D'eville and the three witches of Hocus Pocus?) 

And for those who are wondering, I went as Hades from Disney's Hercules...

 The events and parties were so much fun. I even got up the courage to do an erotic reading for an audience and only managed to trip over my tongue once or twice. 

I sold out at the book signing, and a few short hours later I was having "true" southern dinner of fried chicken, collard greens and blackeyed peas with one of my fellow Kindle World authors, Evelyn Lederman. While we were out, she talked me into coming to RomCon. Yes, I signed up for a convention while at another convention. Yes, it's possible I'm crazy, but I am coming to Denver at the end of September! I should have recovered from RTC by then. (Which is in a few short weeks. Egads!)

I spent my last few hours of the con in a blur of hugs, tears and goodbyes to everyone before I headed home with a suitcase full of books and a bunch of great memories. 

It was a great time, and well worth the three days it took me to get my jetlag cured, my laundry done, and my cat to forgive me for leaving her.

It's good to be home.