Saturday, October 8, 2016

RomCon Wrap Up

I'm home from Denver and RomCon 2016.

Okay, I was home a few days ago, but between the day job, laundry, and a dire need for sleep, it's taken me a few days to organize my thoughts (and photos) about this fabulous event.
Welcome to Denver... Tornados and all

 It was an amazing time. Incredibly enthusiastic readers with energy to spare and smiles for everyone they met. Organizers who were on the ball, incredibly welcoming and seemingly everywhere at once, making sure that everything ran smoothly. Fellow authors who were warm, supportive, and full of advice, stories, and laughter.
Me at the beginning of the book signing madness

I ate my first true American barbecue (thank you, Michele Callahan for arranging that, and thank you Willow Brooke for helping me decide what the hell to order!) 

I karaoked and danced with a crazy-fun group of readers and authors, I met dozens of new readers at the speed dating, I autographed a heap of books at the book signing (and managed to snag nearly a dozen signed books from other authors to add to my collection!)

Lori K getting fresh with my banner

I got to hang out with the wonderful Grace Goodwin and Vanessa Vale, talk shop with the amazing Geri Foster, spend time with Sylvia McDaniel, Evelyn Lederman, and Carol Van Natta (all authors in SE Smith's Magic New Mexico, Kindle World with me.) And watched some wild antics with Karen Doctor. I met so many people I am now blessed to call my friends, that I cannot begin to name them all.

I am going back next year! (If they'll have me, of course...*grin*)

Goodbye, Denver!